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We have collected information on 73 immigration visa programs in 15 countries, and developed an AI-based algorithm that quickly matches your information with visa programs in the database.

This is the most efficient immigration program available!
73 visa programs in 15 countries!
USA, Germany, Canada, Poland, France, Estonia, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, UAE, Chile, China.
Immigration Navigator from IMIGRATA covers 15 popular immigration countries
73 immigration visa programs
Aur Pair (Europe) - homestay with a family and getting paid
EB-3 (USA) - Green Card on Arrival, a Professional Program
Express Entry (Canada) - for professionals wishing to stay in Canada
Non-lucrative visa (Spain) - residence permit for financially independent people
O-1 (USA) - for people with extraordinary abilities
D7 (Portugal) - for financially stable citizens with passive income

… and 67 more visa programs available!
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Unlike with regular travel (tourist) visas, the chances of obtaining an immigrant visa are determined by supporting information, and not by an interview with the consul.

If your level of education, language skills, work experience, are other details match the visa program requirements, and you have documents to prove it, your chances of getting approved are extremely high.
We match 73 immigration visa programs based on your profile. Some of the programs are:
H1B (USA), Aur Pair (Europe), EB-3 (USA), Express Entry (Canada), Work & Study, Non-lucrative visa (Spain), O-1 (USA), D7 (Portugal)
… and 65 more immigration visa programs!
We will tell you how much local immigration lawyers charge for helping with applying for a visa. We will provide you with info on processing times, official website links and consular visa fee schedules.
We tell you what features each of the programs has, what are the requirements for applicants. We explain what are the possibilities for extending or obtaining a residence permit after you arrive to a new country on your visa.
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Navigator feedback
I spent the last couple of months studying the “where's" and the "how's” for my immigration options. Research took all of my free time — there were so many resources, my head was spinning. So getting detailed descriptions of 17 visa programs and a whole bunch of other documents after spending just 10 minutes on a survey was just extremely refreshing!
Krakow, Poland
Jaroslav Polianski, 25
Ok, I didn't think much of this Navigator for $12, so I gave it a shot. It turns out that I can move to my beloved Portugal, and the whole process only takes several months. Apparently, I can get a residence permit simply for renting out my apartment in Lagos if I can show a rental agreement and a statement from my bank account. Thanks for the insight.
Accra, Ghana
Diallo Sombry, 28
I got a clear understanding of where I can move and what it takes after spending $12 and about 12 minutes to pass the survey. I had no idea that out of 13 countries, I qualify to get a visa in 6 of them. Who knew that there are immigration programs even for people from the third-world country. This is really helpful. And a special thanks for the bonuses — info files with actual cost of living in all the relative countries.
Tbilisi, Georgia
Mamuka Gogishvili, 30
When I first thought about moving to another country, I could not even imagine that there are so many different opportunities for emigration - from a work visa to living in a family! It's fantastic! Thank you for turning a my long-time dreams into a concrete step-by-step plan of action. Your navigator is very cool!
Kaliningrad, Russia
Ingrid Nikuene, 24
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