Portugal. Residential visa D2 for freelancers

A pathway to permanent residence and citizenship for freelancers and independent self-employed enterpreneurs
Level of difficulty
Fairly complicated, legal assistance is advised
Processing costs
start at €2300
Special features
No major investment is required, as long as you have a solid plan and enough social capital
Summary of the Portugal D2 visa program
If you work in the freelance sector and provide services independently regardless of an employer, this visa program is for you. It offers the opportunity to obtain residency and citizenship while benefiting from low taxes and life cost.

Who is eligible for the D2 visa

  • You have a contract or a written proposal for a contract to provide services to Portuguese clients within the liberal professions

Portugal D2 visa requirements

  • Bank account in Europe, with a balance of at least €9,120;
  • Proof of registration as an independent entrepreneur in Portugal;
  • Proof of services provided to residents of Portugal (accounts billable);
  • When applicable, statement issued by the entity competent for verifying the requisites for exercising the profession which, in Portugal, is subject to special qualifications;
  • Federal certificate of no criminal record — your certificate must be apostilled. The validity period of the certificate is 6 months from the date of issuance of the certificate;
  • It is possible to simultaneously submit documents of all family members (spouse and children) for a visa accompanying the main applicant. To do this, you will need to show that you have savings in the amount of 9,120 EUR for a spouse and 2,736 EUR for each of the children. Your savings must be deposited in any bank in Portugal or SEPA zone (may include web banks, i.e. Wise, Revolute, Bunq);
  • Medical insurance with a coverage of at least 30,000 Euros and a period of coverage of at least 6 months;
  • Reservation of housing for at least 12 months, issued through the Flatio service, or directly with the landlord. Key requirement: the lease agreement must be signed with a digital signature, OR a physical one, then certified by a notary. Attach proof of registration of your rental agreement with a local Finance department in Portugal (Finanças).
D2 or Freelancer visa.
Program offer for all USA applicants*


15% savings!
Migration case assessment
We begin our work by assessing your individual case and providing a comprehensive review of your immigration situation. Your personal case-manager — our staff immigration consultant, will evaluate the specifics of your individual background, qualifications and meeting requirements for your desired residency program. Based on this evaluation, you’ll be provided with a step-by-step process to secure your desired foreign residency.
Supporting documents preparation
Every immigration visa or residency application requires collection and preparation of some very specific and time-sensitive documentation. We monitor not only official requirements, but also consulate-specific requests and practices and will prepare the most comprehensive list of documents for your case. We will also thoroughly review each document, suggest corrections and edits and assist with authentication, apostille and translation services inhouse.

  • FBI Report
A must-have document for your future residence in Portugal, the FBI report shows an individual's criminal record (or lack thereof) in the United States. We will process an official FBI background check on your behalf from the State Department. A $99 value.

  • Apostille on a Certificate of Authenticity for your driver’s license
If you are moving to Portugal and willing to drive there, you’d need to provide a certificate of authenticity of your driver’s license. We will assist you in getting certificate of authenticity of your driver’s license and get a required apostille on it. A $120 value. After you move to Portugal, you will obtain a local driver’s license easily with these documents.

  • Tax return
Tax returns are often required as proof of financial stability. We will guide you through the process of retrieving and presenting your tax returns in the format required by the authorities. If needed, we will get a required apostille on it. A $120 value.

  • Apostille services for US documents
The apostille is a certification that makes a document legally valid in foreign countries that are members of the Hague Apostille Convention. Our service assists in obtaining an apostille for various US documents, ensuring they are internationally recognized and accepted. A $120 value per document.
Unlimited support from a personal case manager
You will be working with a personal manager and can communicate with your manager any time during your application process and until you get your visa or residency card.
Obtaining Portuguese tax number (NIF)
The NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) is an essential identification number for anyone planning to live or do business in Portugal. It is indispensable for many essential processes in Portugal, from opening a bank account to signing a lease. Our streamlined service aids you in obtaining your NIF swiftly and efficiently. We include your NIF processing fee for the main applicant. A $150 value.
Individual Entrepreneur Registration
We register your permit for pursuing individual entrepreneurial activity in Portugal. You will have a tax representative, required in Portugal for all non-resident enterpreneurs. A $150 value.
Housing assistance (purchase or rent)
Finding your perfect apartment or a house in Portugal can be a tedious long term project of its own. Locals have a totally different approach to selecting tenants, selling a property, communicating and signing contracts. Finding a good agent is crucial to saving money and not being coerced into unfavorable contractual agreements. We will refer you to proven English-speaking professionals to accompany you at every stage of the search for a rental or purchase of your home.
A value of $200/$400.

Search: We have a team of realtors who helped our own staff find perfect homes, and now we will put them to the task of finding a new home for you. They will do a property search based on your specifications to fit your needs and budget.
Property assessment: Before committing to a property, it's crucial to evaluate its value and potential downsides. Our experts provide an unbiased assessment, considering location, condition and market trends.
Legal expertise: Foreign property laws can be intricate. Our legal team assists clients in understanding the nuances of the local real estate laws. We will ensure that your transaction will be made with your interest in mind and will protect you from any potential legal problems.
Mortgage assistance: For those looking to buy, we offer guidance on mortgage options, helping you find favorable rates and terms that align with your personal needs.
up to 3 properties
up to 6 properties
Health insurance
Basic health insurance for your first several months in Portugal before getting a residency permit is mandatory in order to apply for a visa, and our team will guide you in obtaining the correct policy. We include your health insurance cost for the main applicant. A $100 value.
Visa application assistance
Our team will assist you in visa application submission to the consulate, assist you with writing a personal motivation letter and keep you informed of any changes in the status of your application. Our knowledge of the intricacies of visa processes and specific consulates’ requirements is invaluable to a favorable outcome for our clients.
Preparation for SEF appointment
The SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras) appointment is a pivotal step for those looking to stay in Portugal. Our service includes a thorough review and editing (if needed) of your application package. This will ensure your SEF appointment goes smoothly and you get your resident card in the mail fast.
Facilitation of bank account opening
Opening a bank account is often a prerequisite for settling in Portugal. Our service simplifies this process by providing assistance every step of the way. First, we will provide you with an up-to-date guide to the necessary documentation to open an account. Depending on your personal needs, we may suggest different banking institutions for you. A personal accompaniment to the bank by our bilingual staff member may be possible in some cities upon request.
375 USD
Remote bank account opening
We can open a local Portuguese bank account for you, if needed. We will need an apostilled power of attorney from you. If you need assistance with your apostille, we will also be happy to help.
750 USD
650 USD
Personal consultation with a local English-speaking tax specialist
Understanding the tax system in Portugal is crucial but also very complicated. We have tax experts who will provide clear and comprehensive guidance on the local tax regulations for you. They will advise you of any obligations and possible deductions in your individual situation, go over ways to optimize, explain about NHR — a special privileged tax regime for foreigners, and help you understand how to be compliant within Portugal's tax system.

150 USD
Assistance with setting up utility contracts, analyzing the best market options

Establishing utility services is a key step in setting up a new home.
We aid you in this process by providing guidance on setting up utility contracts, i.e. electricity, gas, water, and the internet. We will analyze the current market options, explain the difference in providers, their services and pricing. This will allow you to make an informed decision, and secure the best deal for your needs.
Assistance in obtaining permanent address registration (Atestado de Junta de Freguesia):
Securing a permanent address registration is pivotal for many administrative and legal procedures in Portugal. The "Atestado de Junta de Freguesia" confirms one's residential status at a particular address. Our service assists you in navigating through the application process for this registration. We provide guidance on gathering the necessary documentation, completing application forms, and liaising with the local council to ensure a successful registration.
Assistance in obtaining public health system number (Número de Utente):
Access to the public health system in Portugal requires a "Número de Utente" or health system number. Our team aids you in procuring this essential number, guiding you through the intricacies of the application process. We provide guidance on the procedure and expedite your access to public healthcare services.
Assistance in applying for public social insurance (NISS):
The NISS (Número de Identificação da Segurança Social) is the public social insurance number essential for working and residing in Portugal. Acquiring it allows access to social security benefits, among other things. Our assistance ensures you get integrated into the Portuguese social security system efficiently.
150 USD
NHR special tax regime application
The Non-Habitual Residency (NHR) tax regime in Portugal offers attractive tax benefits. Our service provides comprehensive assistance to those interested in benefiting from this regime. We help you understand the benefits and requirements, register you in the system before the strict deadline and enable you to reap the tax advantages that the NHR regime provides. We include your NHR application fee for the main applicant.

250 USD
Assistance in application for driver’s license exchange
After securing a residence permit in Portugal, many expatriates seek to exchange their foreign driver’s license for a Portuguese one. Our service simplifies this process, providing you with clear guidance on the application process, medical tests and administrative steps. You will be able to drive in Portugal, holding a local driver’s license. We include your driver's licence application fee for the main applicant.
140 USD
Local area familiarization virtual tour
When you set up your new home address, you will want to know what’s in your area. We will compile a comprehensive guide of popular grocery stores, markets, useful service companies, gyms, shopping centers, nightlife hotspots and anything that you might want. This information will let you get a head start in exploring and enjoying your new neighborhood.
90 USD
Assistance in applying for the first tax declaration in Portugal
Filing one's first tax declaration in a new Portugal can be a complex affair. We teamed up with tax experts who will offer you valuable assistance in this task, ensuring your first tax declaration in Portugal will be accurate, timely, and compliant with local laws.
990 USD
790 USD
Concierge service for one month
We will be your 911 service for the first months after your arrival to Portugal — we can answer to most of your domestic inquiries regarding "how to" in Portugal, help you with setting up appointments, finding local services, even making simple calls in Portuguese. This service is available during business hours and it will make your life in a new place a hell of a lot easier.
250 USD
"Adaptation" package
  • Guide to banks and banking services available to persons without a residence permit
  • Guide to local medical services and private medical insurances
  • Guide on renting and buying cars, obtaining a driver's license, exchanging your license, car insurance
  • Guide for renting and buying real estate (how to choose a region where it is warmer, where rent is cheaper, which houses are worth looking at, energy efficiency, etc.)
  • Guide on utilities (how to sign contracts for gas, electricity, the Internet, etc.)
  • Guide to kindergartens and schools (how much it costs, how to choose, how to get in, what they teach, life hacks and local features)
  • Guide to delivery services and shopping (food, appliances, furniture and repairs - where to buy what)
350 USD

Service package price:

$2300 main applicant
$300 family member
$3450 main applicant
$300 family member
* We can assist citizens and residents of other countries as well, but please contact us for details as requirements for visa program can differ from country to country.
Costs associated with a Portugal D2 or Freelancer visa
  • Visa processing — approx. $90
  • Registration of a residence permit in Portugal — $90
  • Payment for services of immigration specialists from start to getting a residency card — from €2300
Approximate timeline of obtaining a Portugal Digital Nomad or D8 residency visa
  • Document preparation for visa processing — 30-45 days
  • Scheduling and passing the visa interview at the consulate — 60-90 days
  • Passing the SEF interview in Portugal — within 120 days after visa issuance
  • Getting a residence permit in Portugal — approx. 45-60 days after SEF visit
We know that trust needs to be earned
You will see our expertise and efficiency from the first day of work on your immigration case
  • Installment pay
    Your fees for our work will be divided in convenient installments
  • We give guarantee!
    If you get rejected by the consulate, we will appeal, offer you to apply for a different program or give money back
  • All local expert specialists
    All of our staff have gone through similar immigration processes and know exactly what to do
convinient installment payments for everyone

We offer installment payments to everyone — pay as you go. Program fees are divided into several parts and are spread over months.

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