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Get your D2 visa prepared and submitted by IMIGRATA — enjoy Pastéis de Nata in Portugal in no time!

pastries are not included.

Quick and smooth approval process for your D2 resident visa to Portugal

Imigrata offers the most comprehensive and transparent visa support package for your future Portuguese residence. While you can file your own Portuguese visa application, it isn’t recommended for many reasons. If you don’t speak Portuguese, you’ll face hardship when dealing with local authorities like SEF, setting up appointments, opening a local bank account, getting the NIF number and addressing dozens of smaller issues that may turn into big problems.

You will be 100% covered by care of our local team of immigration attorneys in Portugal.

We will oversee your visa application procedure from the very first consultation to getting your residence permit in Portugal. You will not deal with the local bureaucracy, won’t need to schedule appointments, file applications locally, and have every step of your visa process professionally supervised. We take all the stress and confusion out of the application process.

Your D2 visa application process with IMIGRATA

Case assessment and consultation
Assessment of your personal and family circumstances in relation to residence visa application with our attorneys.
Preparing supporting documentation
You begin gathering your supporting documents according to a check-list from our attorneys.

Obtaining NIF and opening a bank account for you in Portugal
Our team obtains your NIF number and opens a bank account for you — two necessary steps before applying at the Consulate.

Submission to the Consulate 
Our attorneys complete visa application forms for you, submit to a Portuguese Consulate and monitor progress. We will also set up an appointment for you at a Consulate/VFS, if necessary.

Decision from the Consulate
The decision on your visa application usually comes within 30-45 days. When your visa is granted, it will be good for 4 months, to allow time for you to fly to Portugal and pick up your biometric residence permit.

Preparing for your SEF appointment
We brief you for your SEF interview, check your documents and set up an appointment for your biometric residence permit. You should get an appointment within approximately 60 days.
SEF residency permit interview
 We accompany you during your visit to SEF for your residency interview.
Obtaining a SNS number
We apply for a SNS number (Serviço Nacional de Saúde) on your behalf

Start your COMPLETE VISA service for your D2 Portugal enterpreneur visa for just €650

We guarantee our work 100% or your money back
  • 1
    Consultations with attorneys when you need them
    You will have many questions on the way to your Portuguese residency. We will patiently answer all of them, from the initial consultation before we begin preparing your case to months down the road when we help you get your residency permit.
  • 2
    Evaluation of your documents before submission
    We will check and discuss all documents with you before they're submitted to authorities. From reviews of your bank statements to document translations and apostilles — we thoroughly evaluate everything to make sure nothing is returned for correction.
  • 3
    Applying for NIF number and opening bank account for you
    You don't need to come to Portugal just yet — we get your required NIF number and open your local bank account for you.
  • 4
    Setting an appointment for you at the Embassy/VFS
    If needed, we will set up your consular appointment in your country.
  • 5
    Submission of your application to the Embassy/Consulate.
    We organize submission to your local Portuguese consulate.
  • 6
    Setting up your SEF appointment for residence interview.
    No need to deal with local bureaucracy — we get your SEF appointment scheduled for the nearest available date.
  • 7
    Accompanying you to SEF appointment.
    Our local attorney will be attending your residency interview with you.
  • 8
    Applying for your SNS number.
    We will submit documents for your SNS number for you.

Final check — do you qualify for a D2 visa?

Let's run through visa requirements one more time!

The key factor here is a solid, well-structured business plan, where you must prove the viability of your idea, sufficient investment capital for the success of the business, and other compelling arguments for starting a business in Portugal. Your business plan will be evaluated in terms of its financial viability as well as its potential economic, social, technological, cultural and/or scientific value.

From the first two items below, choose the one that suits you.

If you're unsure whether you qualify, shoot us an email and we'll advise!

What our D2 visa clients think about their experience
  • Sarah Baskin
    Project manager from Austin, Texas
    We had our whole process coordinated by Imigrata attorneys from Lisbon. Every document was checked by them before it was submitted to the Consulate, and all local appointments in Portugal set up by the Lisbon team as well. I read that it's nearly impossible to get through to SEF on the phone. Overall, it was a great experience and a very smooth ride.
  • Samuel Wilkerson, Jr.
    IT freelancer from Halifax, Canada
    I initially tried to do everything on my own, but quickly found myself wasting several hours daily in search of information online. There was also an issue with getting my NIF number and opening a bank account — and that's hassle worth about 500 EUR. Imigrata lawyers in Lisbon had all these formalities included in the package, which was really nice. I had my approval from the Consulate within a month, and have a SEF appointment scheduled already. So far, all is good, thanks!
  • Maxim Volkonsky
    Startup founder from St. Petersburg, Russia
    You guys helped me to schedule my appointment at a local Portuguese consulate, which was great since I didn't have much luck with them. I had lots of questions regarding combining my savings and passive income that I bothered Imigrata team with and received a very patient service every time. Thanks again, I"m happily in Portugal now :)

WHY WE ONLY ASK €650 to start working on your visa

when others want the whole amount up front

We believe that your trust needs to be earned.

In modern times, most services can be performed remotely, without ever meeting your clients. And that’s OK — as long as our relationship is built on trust.

We plan to earn your trust from day one, by showing our expertise, consistency and top-notch customer service.

We feel you ought to have a choice of different visa providers. Yet, we are confident in our capabilities, and so should you be. Therefore, we came up with a very flexible payment system — you pay as you go. You will have complete freedom to take your business anywhere else should you feel you’re not given the absolute best service.

Alex Khodorkovsky, CEO of IMIGRATA
Pay as you go. And keep us in check.
Our work on your visa will be divided into three stages, with all services stipulated in details below. Payments are due before we begin our work on the next stage. Your total payment will equal €2200 and include all of the services listed below and our 100% service guarantee.
first Payment
— Initial consultation, evaluation of documents
— Checking your qualification for D2 visa
— Obtaining NIF for you
— Opening a local bank account on your behalf
Second Payment
Collection of vital documents and our detailed consultations, review and correction before submission to Portuguese Consulate:
— Visa application form — assistance and filling out
— Travel/medical insurance
— Portuguese criminal record clearance automation
— Police clearance certificate with authentication by consulate
— Proof of sufficient funds, i.e., bank statements for the last six months
— Proof of income tax for the previous two years
— Proof of stable income
— Evaluation of your business plan
— Cover letter
— Motivational letter for the consulate
— 1 year accommodation agreement in Portugal
Last Payment
— Visa application submission & interview at the Portuguese Consulate. Once the visa application submitted at the Portuguese visa facility services centre (VSF), the Portuguese consulate may order for additional documents or call for an interview. We facilitate this process for you

— Application transfer to SEF. Portuguese consulate transfers your visa application to SEF in Portugal for the final decision of your visa application. We will assist in the process, when needed

— When you receive our positive decision on a D2 visa, you would need to travel to Portugal within 120 days
— We will schedule an appointment for your biometrics
— We will prepare you for an appointment at SEF and review all documents
— Our representative will accompany you to SEF for your residency permit interview
— Applying for your SNS number. We will submit documents for your SNS number for you

— Your residence card will be delivered to your Portuguese home address by post. Congratulations!
Start your D2 Portugal Visa process with IMIGRATA now
We will contact you immediately after receiving payment and information for introductory consultation
Included in your complete D2 Portugal Visa package:
Consultations with attorneys when you need them. Evaluation and checking for your documents before submission. Applying for NIF number and opening bank account for you by power of attorney. Supervision of submission of your application to the Embassy/Consulate. Setting up your SEF appointment. Member of our team accompanying you to SEF appointment. Applying for your SNS number.
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