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1: Choose your Immigration Consultant
  • Alex (EN, UA, RU)


    Alex is the founder of Imigata. He is an seasoned immigrant, having moved to the USA back in the 90's. This year, he is moving to Portugal, which he chose as his new home. Alex has extensive knowledge of most immigration programs in Portugal, Serbia and Montenegro. Watch Alex talk about immigration in these videos:

    Price for a 45 mins consultation: €60 or 3700 RUB

    Book a consultation with Alex →

  • Polina (RU, EN, SP)

    Portugal, Spain, Montenegro, France, Slovakia

    Polina is the editor of Imigrata's Telegram channel. She has extensive knowledge of immigration programs in Portugal, Spain, Serbia Montenegro, France, Slovakia. She currently resides in Russia and Spain.

    Watch Polina talk about immigration in these videos:

    Price for a 45 mins consultation: €60 or 3700 RUB

    Book a consultation with Polina →

  • Victoria (RU, EN)


    Victoria is our consultant for educational programs, student visas as well as startup programs for Portugal. She studied at the University of Porto and is currently working on her startup in Lisbon, Portugal. Watch Victoria talk about immigration in these videos:

    Price for a 45 mins consultation: €85.00 or 5400 RU

    Book a consultation with Victoria →

  • Catherine (PT, RU, EN)


    Catherine spent the last 8 years in Portugal, graduated from a university of Porto and works with all immigration programs in Portugal. She is an immigration paralegal and consults on complicated cases of Highly-qualified workers, D7, residency through school-aged kids, etc. She is the person responsible for processing most of our clients' immigration residency visas in Portugal.

    Price for a 45 mins consultation: €85.00 or 5400 RUB

    Book a consultation with Catherine →

    (please specify several time slots convenient for you)

  • Julia (DE, EN)


    Julia is a practicing attorney and a mediator in Berlin, Germany. She studied law in Berlin and Frankfurt and practiced at various law firms in London and Frankfurt with a specialty of investment and corporate law. She is also currently serving clients at her own law firm in Berlin, advising on immigration matters, work migration, as well as corporate, finance and family law.

    Price for a 45 mins consultation: €110.00 or 7100 RUB

    Book a consultation with Julia →

    (please specify several time slots convenient for you)

  • Margarita (RU)


    Margarita represents our partner company that specializes in moving to Chile though the Passive Income visa program or childbirth in Chile and getting Chilean citizenship thereafter.

    She will be happy to speak to anyone interested in moving to Chile. Consultations are free.

    Price for a 45 mins consultation: FREE

    Book a consultation with Margarita →

    (please specify several time slots convenient for you)

  • Georgy (RU, EN)


    Georgy was (and continues to be) a successful Russian entrepreneur, who moved to Argentina from Moscow with his family right after the beginning of the war. In less than a year, he managed to learn Argentina's immigration processes and apply them to himself and his family, having obtained a residency. He also had his youngest daughter born in Argentina, and can help with useful information to those who plan to give birth or raise kids in Argentina. Georgy's invaluable information about immigrant's life in Argentina and how to get residency by yourself will definitely save you time and money right away!

    Watch Georgy talk about Argentina in this video:

    Argentina: a great country for life and getting residency quickly (RU)

    Price for a 45 mins consultation: $90.00 or 5600 RUB

    Book a consultation with Georgy →

  • Miloš (EN, DE, IT, RS)


    Miloš is licensed attorney in Belgrade with a Ph.D. He studied law in Graz, Heidelberg and Tokyo. Besides providing immigration advice and personally servicing our clients in Serbia, his specialty is tax, bank and company law. Miloš provides full support in renting apartments, establishing a company, opening a bank account and getting a temporary or permanent residence in Serbia. He will be happy to share useful information about life in Serbia as well.

    Price for a 45 mins consultation: €100.00 or 6500 RUB

    Book a consultation with Miloš

    (please specify several time slots convenient for you)

2: Choose Payment Method
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Payment in USD/EUR (when NOT paying from Russia/Belarus)
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Please mind the fact, that our consultants reside in different countries and continents and may not respond to you right away.