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Roughly 300 million people leave their home countries in search of a better life every year. Most of them struggle to find, organize and understand a bulk of complex information on immigration policies and country-specific regulations in the first place. But even more potential immigrants never even start the life-changing process, halted by lack of credible information on one side and its overload on the other.

Imigrata strives to build digital products and services to simplify complex immigration procedures and to make immigration accessible and affordable to everyone.

Immigration services and up-to-date information about relocation to another country

Every day we collect important and useful information about relocation to a new country and share it with our clients
Immigration services
Obtaining visas, residence permits, assistance with opening a bank account, family reunification, golden visas, investment visas and much more. We will be glad to help you!
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Immigration Navigator
Immigration Navigator – an automated tool that matches approx. 100 visa programs with client’s personal data. Our system generates detailed personal immigration reports with program descriptions, step by step application processes and country-specific info.
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Catalog of visa programs
We are collecting and structuring information about visa programs, requirements, costs, deadlines, intricacies, and more.

Looking for information on how and where to move? Then this will be helpful to you.

We are also happy to share the most relevant information during consultations.
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In our efforts to automate traditional tedious tasks of data collection, research and analytics of immigration data and providing competent expert services to clients,

we are always looking for partners.

We invite immigration attorneys and and immigration boutique companies and other related providers to contact us for cooperation in servicing our clients. We also invite immigration-related websites to partner with us in co-branding our products on your sites.

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