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Imigrata was founded by immigrants who went through the tedious perils of immigration before modern Internet tools were commonly available. Today we are fortunate to develop and offer tools & products to make immigration affordable to everyone.
  • Alex Khodorkovsky
    Founder & CEO
    Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Alex became an immigrant at the age of 15, when he moved to Atlanta, USA.
    Although he hates the expression "a serial entrepreneur", he certainly qualifies to be so called. He founded over a dozen companies in various industries: IT, travel, entertainment, HoReCa, publishing.

    Most of Alex's projects were pioneers in their fields: the first Russian transit hotel, the first restaurant employing all identical-twin staff, the first major GLBTQ social dating network for CIS countries, the first Jewish & Masonic cocktail bar, and many other firsts.

    Alex is currently going through his second immigration — this time to Portugal. He believes that immigration is a new start that most people need in their lives.
  • Pavel Smirnov
    Head of Product Development and Sales
    Pavel is a seasoned nomad and an immigration specialist since 2020.

    Before he became a pro in immigration to Europe, i.e. startup visas, entrepreneur, global talent and golden visa programs, he was actually an orientalist. He is just as versed in the history and how different ancient temples are built as he is in digital nomad visa programs.

    He has lived in Poland, the Netherlands and Tunisia outside of his home in Russia.

    He currently works out of a remote office in Armenia.
  • Polina Ukhanova
    Head of Research and
    Social Media
    Polina is a graduate of the Institute of Journalism & Literary Creativity in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    She has two higher educations and is professionally engaged in fashion, art and the new ethics; she writes articles and lectures. She is the founder of the School "FASHION + ART", curator of exhibitions, editor-in-chief of the book series "Architectural Heritage of Russia", participant in international conferences on fashion and art.

    Polina's area of expertise @ Imigrata is communications, social media and immigration policy research.

    She considers herself a half-immigrant splitting her time equally between Russia & Spain since 2012.
  • Vlad Konovalov
    Vlad invests his resources and expertise in the fields of his personal interests that are related to improving people's lives: HR-tech, sport apps and health-tech projects. Although not yet an immigrant himself, Vlad is a real world nomad, spending a good chunk of his time in Bali, surfing the Indonesian waves.

    Vlad is responsible for technological solutions, drawing up technical requirements, selecting vendors and partners and is basically in charge of the "tech" part in our Legaltech startup.
  • Ely Gorodetsky
    Head of Portugal visa department
    Ely studied to be a doctor, but changed his mind and left medical school for business. For more than 8 years he has been developing his own project related to tourism and corporate event planning.

    His personal travel experiences prompted him to decide to immigrate. In 2021 he moved to Portugal, sucessuflly prepared his D7 program case on his own and received his Portuguese resident card later.

    After relocation, Ilya realized just how much immigration can change a person's life for the better, and decided that he wanted to help others in this important process. He left tourism for immigration and now solves the most complex immigration cases of our clients in Portugal.
  • Victoria Ryabenko
    Education and
    Startup Programs
    Victoria is another one of our recent transplants from Russia to Portugal. In addition to being our key specialist in Educational and Startup programs, she is working on her own startup in the field of mass communications. She has a degree in journalism, which she studied in Russia as well as University of Porto.

    Victoria has first hand knowledge of higher education system in Portugal as well as startup environment and dealing with incubators and related government resources.

    She has probably visited most, if not all wine tastings in Lisbon, and promised to soon move to Porto — her favorite city in the whole world.
  • Natalia Nechiporenko
    Consultant and Case Manager for D7, DN, Startup Portugal and Montenegro programs
    Natalia has been an immigrant since childhood. She moved to Moscow from Kyiv as a teenager and throughout her subsequent life in Russia she argued that immigrants were no worse than other citizens, despite the resistance of the system.
    In Moscow, Natalya worked as a human rights lawyer with immigrants, helping them with the most difficult issues of protection against detentions and deportation. Her clients included both businessmen on the Interpol list and representatives of vulnerable groups fleeing from persecution.

    Re-immigration has never been a necessary goal. However, thanks to the experience gained, in March 2022 Natalya moved her family members, including two cats, and began her new life in Germany. Today  Natalya is happy with life in Europe and, wondering why she didn’t move earlier, is considering various new countries for moving to.
  • Yaroslava Platonova
    Client Services
    Yaroslava is our former client turned employee. She moved to Portugal in 2022 to study Portuguese using our services and now lives and takes language classes in Braga.

    She joined our team recently and turned her personal immigration experience into a new exciting work.

    Before immigrating to Portugal, Yaroslava worked in tourism as a travel manager for over 10 years.
  • Miguel Osadchy
    Portuguese programs specialist
    Miguel is IMIGRATA's expert in Portugal and our former client for D4 (master's program) resident's visa.

    He is a Ph.D. in linguistics but currently works on finishing his master's program in art markets. Miguel is extremely well-traveled and has extensive knowledge of ins and outs of Portuguese residential visa programs.

    Besides providing immigration advice and personally servicing our clients in Portugal, he will offer you practical support in finding the right education program, establishing a company or opening a bank account in Portugal.
  • Elena Bichina
    Client Services
    Elena is our former client turned employee. She moved to Porto, Portugal in 2022 not speaking any Portuguese, and enrolled into a Master's program in visual arts at the University of Porto. All of her classes are in Portuguese, and she is making great progress so far.

    Before relocating to Portugal she worked as an interior designer and branch director for one of the leading global fast food chains.

    At IMIGRATA Elena is responsible for client relations and agreement execution. She can also share her first-hand experience of studying in a masters program as well as relocating with small kids (she has two of her own).
  • Tolya Kozyrev
    Marketing and YouTube
    Tolya is originally from Moscow, Russia, but he's been on a journey around the world searching for himself. Having lived in the USA and Indonesia for a while, he moved to Berlin over 3 years ago with his cat and now enjoys life in the hipsters' capital of Europe.

    Since the age of 17, Tolya has been working in the fashion and events industry; He knows everything about trends, brands and life in “old” Europe - with all its pros and cons. He has many years of experience producing fashion weeks in Moscow and Georgia. Lately, he is mastering production of clips and short films for art and advertising projects.

    In our team, Tolya is responsible for marketing and development of the IMIGRATA YouTube channel. He produces our weekly live streams and other special projects.
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