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Meet Our Team
Imigrata was founded by immigrants who went through the tedious perils of immigration before modern Internet tools were commonly available. Today we are fortunate to be able to develop tools & products to make immigration affordable and accessible to everyone.
  • Alex Khodorkovsky
    Founder & CEO
    Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Alex became an immigrant at the age of 15, when he moved to Atlanta, USA.
    Although he hates the expression "a serial entrepreneur", he certainly qualifies to be so called. He founded over a dozen companies in various industries: IT, travel, entertainment, HoReCa, publishing.

    Most of Alex's projects were pioneers in their fields: the first Russian transit hotel, the first restaurant employing all identical-twin staff, the first major GLBTQ social dating network for CIS countries, the first Jewish & Masonic cocktail bar, and many other firsts.

    Alex is currently getting ready for his second immigration — this time to Portugal. He believes that immigration is a new start that most people need in their lives.
  • Pavel Lisovsky
    Co-Founder & Product Development
    Pavel is a specialist in launching and developing new technology businesses.
    He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Stanford in AI.
    He has extensive and varied experience in finance, VC, and innovation project ecosystem development.

    He recently immigrated from Russia to France.

    At Imigrata he focuses on product development and systemic sales growth, introduces the Agile approach to business processes.
  • Vlad Konovalov
    Vlad invests his resources and expertise in the fields of his personal interests that are related to improving people's lives: HR-tech, sport apps and health-tech projects. Although not yet an immigrant himself, Vlad is a real world nomad, spending a good chunk of his time in Bali, surfing the Indonesian waves.

    Vlad is responsible for technological solutions, drawing up technical requirements, selecting vendors and partners and is basically in charge of the "tech" part in our Legaltech startup.
  • Polina Ukhanova
    Research and Social Media
    Polina is a graduate of the Institute of Journalism & Literary Creativity in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    She has two higher educations and is professionally engaged in fashion, art and the new ethics; she writes articles and lectures. She is the founder of the School "FASHION + ART", curator of exhibitions, editor-in-chief of the book series "Architectural Heritage of Russia", participant in international conferences on fashion and art.

    Polina's area of expertise @ Imigrata is communications, social media and immigration policy research.

    She considers herself a half-immigrant splitting her time equally between Russia & Spain since 2012.
In our efforts to automate traditional tedious tasks of data collection, research and analytics of immigration data and providing competent expert services to clients,
we are always looking for partners.

We invite immigration attorneys and and immigration boutique companies and other related providers to contact us for cooperation in servicing our clients. We also invite immigration-related websites to partner with us in co-branding our products on your sites.
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