Digital Nomad PORTUGAL 2024

  • Portugal's newest residence program
  • Get your residency in as fast as 3-5 months

Who is the perfect fit for Portugal's Digital Nomad visa program

  • If you work remotely in your own business or for clients or a company
  • If your regular average monthly income is around €3100 for the past 3 months
  • If you want the freedom of traveling the world while spending most of your time in Portugal and being eligible for a Portuguese citizenship in 5 years

Digital Nomad Portugal visa requirements

  • You need to hold citizenship of a NON European Union or Schengen Agreement country
  • A personal tax identification number (NIF) in Portugal
  • A proof of a regular remote income of over €3280 for at least 3 months prior to applying to the Portuguese consulate
  • Your income can come from either your work contract or self-employment
  • You will be asked a proof of taxes paid for your income (or similar income in the past)
  • A no criminal background check document, apostilled
  • Being a tax resident of any country, other than Portugal (provide your tax returns)
  • A medical insurance with a coverage of at least €30,000 and a period of at least 6 months
  • Confirmed housing reservation in Portugal for at least 12 months
  • A motivational letter with the rationale for the trip, explanation of all attached documents.
We can assist you to obtain all of the above documents quickly and hassle-free

Planning to relocate to Portugal, but worry about taxes in Europe?

  • Talk to us to find out how to optimize your taxes in Portugal and minimize them to just 5.44% in your first year of residence
  • We will assist you in getting approved for your Digital Nomad visa in just 3-5 months
  • Family members can apply together with the main applicant
  • Your first residence is good for 2 years, renewable for 3 more years, after which time you can apply for a Portuguese citizenship!
Pay as you go

We offer convenient payment schedule — your payment is split in two stages while we process your visa and new residence

IMIGRATA believes that your trust has to be earned

We plan to earn your trust from day one of our work together, demonstrating our experience, consistency and first-class service

  • Pay in stages
    Your payments will be split in several comfortable stages for all packages over €1000
  • We guarantee our work
    In an unlikely case your visa or residency is denied, we will resubmit documents or offer to switch program/country free of charge or return your money
  • Own team in every country we serve
    All our team members have immigrated themselves and know about immigration and relocation process first hand

Residential visa Digital Nomad of Portugal FAQ

Request your one-on-one consultation with our Portugal experts

You will get a detailed personal roadmap for your relocation process to Portugal on a D8 (digital nomad) visa and find out all costs, requirements and timelines.