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stories of immigration

To study at the best cooking school in Paris

Nikolay Shcumeiko; 25

We publish real stories of emigration to France to make it easier for you to understand how the move actually happens.
The idea of immigrating to France
I didn't think I would tell the story of my emigration, because I didn't think I would move to France - now, probably forever. After studying law in Russia, I realized that I didn't want to pursue this line of work, started to think about what to be and what to do, spent almost six months looking for myself, and then I came across the most famous confectionery school in Paris, Le Cordon Bleu, and a year-long course in restaurant management.

For admission I had to collect a lot of documents, provide a certificate of language skills, prepare letters of recommendation, motivation letter and many other things, so I decided to find good migration specialists and collect documents together with them, so I would definitely get in and think about the study, not about paperwork bureaucracy. My parents supported me and the process was started.
Le Cordon Bleu. Paris, France

Problems and solutions when moving to France

Already during the first convocation, I was told all the details of collecting documents and began to prepare for admission. While I solved all the issues with the school, the migration specialists gathered all the necessary papers, translated them into French, notarized and apostilled them, I applied for a visa, which was quickly issued to me, and soon I flew to France.

Initially I was going to Paris to study restaurant management, but after the first semester I changed my mind and decided to retrain as a pastry chef. I don't know where this realization came from, but at some point I realized that I wanted to make cakes, pastries, in a word, to create. Luckily, the school understood me and allowed me to change my specialization halfway through, and by now I had already graduated, completed an internship, and even got a job in a restaurant with one Michelin star!
Migration specialists gathered all the necessary papers, translated them into French, notarized and apostilled them, I applied for a visa and soon flew to France.
Nikolay Shcumeiko
Documents, prices, final
I like my profession very much, although it is quite difficult - I spend 10-12 hours a day on my feet. When I was at school, one of our teachers noticed me and helped me get an internship. In fact, I later found a job in the same restaurant. So far it's not Paris, but Marseille, but I'm pleased with how my career is developing. Well, after what happened in Russia at the end of February 2022, I realize that I got my lucky ticket when I got my visa and came here to study. 

I make a good living, I have enough to live on - not posh, of course, but quite decent by local standards. I live in a small studio 40 minutes from work. Utility bills here, of course, are much more expensive than in Russia, as is transport, but I, for example, commute to and from work by bicycle - both cheap (you only need to buy a bicycle once) and healthy. Here, by the way, many do so. My dream, of course, is to become a chef or open my own restaurant, but that's in the future. For now I still have a lot to learn and to brush up on my pastry skills.