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Slovenia to start a business

Alice Tkacheva, 36

We publish real stories of emigration to Slovenia to make it easier for you to understand how the move actually happens.
Idea of emigrating to Slovenia
We decided to move to Slovenia because of our daughter's health condition. Almost since she was born we realized that she saw our world a little differently than other children, and a little later we were diagnosed with autism. There was no future for such children in Russia - we understood that, so we started looking for a country to move to. Europe was appealing, but a Slavic one, with a similar language and mentality, so that we could adapt more quickly and not look completely alien.

I chose Slovenia because the language is similar to Russian, and the country has common roots. Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world and for us it was really important. We wanted a quiet, peaceful life. In Slovenia, a good environment - you can drink tap water without fear, clean air, a measured way of life - without the hassle and stress. A separate super plus for us was, of course, the proximity to the sea - 2 hours from anywhere in the country.

Problems and solutions when moving to Slovenia

We read probably a million articles about the country, all the forums on emigration, but the main thing we understood - in our difficult situation we cannot do without the help of an emigration specialist. Mentally and financially we were ready for that - at that moment we were absolutely sure in our choice, because we had found out that in Slovenia there are special educational centers for children with special needs, they try to integrate a family with a special child into the social life and not give up on such children as it happens in Russia where in our "native" Saratov they suggested us to give our daughter to the boarding school and give birth to another child...

After about 7 months after starting the process we had already flown to Slovenia, paid the authorized capital and continued the process of obtaining a residence permit. A couple of times I had to fly to Russia, but alone, my husband and daughter stayed in Ljubljana, and after two months our residence permits were ready. By the way, we found a place to live pretty quickly and registered our company at the home address. Today I, as the owner, and my husband, as an employee, work in it - such a family enterprise, which gives us the right to live and work in Slovenia.
We turned to a migration firm for help, gathered and prepared all the documents in six months, and chose the best option for us to move - to open a business. Thanks to our firm for suggesting this option, since we were considering studies and work, but we did not even think about the possibility of business emigration, considering it an option for the rich.
Alice Tkacheva
School in Slovenia
Documents, prices, final
In terms of prices: we pay about 50-60 euros a month for electricity, house maintenance - 85 euros, water, cleaning, garbage disposal - somewhere else 60-70. We have gas heating and it costs about 50 euros a month - this is normal, people with oil heating, as far as I know, pay up to 300. For food we spend about 450-500 euros a month, but the quality of products is very good. There are fruits and vegetables all year round, lots of great cheeses, squid, octopus.

With medicine is more difficult - it, basically, the state, and the insurance costs about 130 euros a month. All that you need - do, however, not always quickly. They will not let you die for sure. Private clinics are still few - and only dentistry and cosmetology, so if you decide to come here and open something else related to medicine and health, most likely, there will be demand.

Thanks to the help of our immigration angels, as we call them, 3 years after the move we got permanent residence status, so that we have the same rights as all other Slovene citizens, except for a few restrictions - we can not buy real estate as individuals, to elect the president and elected to the executive.
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Finding a job is more than realistic: from a cashier in the local market to a managerial position in a large company, but do not expect too big salaries - from 800 to 2.000 euros after tax deduction, on average. But I would definitely advise opening your own business - here it is really not difficult, there is no bureaucracy and no one puts obstacles in the way - come and work!