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Moving to Slovenia

Emigration to Slovenia. Description of visa programs in Slovenia. Questions and answers. Arrangement of documents. Options for moving to Slovenia.
The difficulty of moving
Fairly easy country to emigrate, but there are difficulties with the purchase of real estate
Quality of life / price
Inexpensive living, quality products, safety, ease of starting and running a business
It varies from region to region, but in winter it is wet and foggy

Slovenia visa programs

Information on residency visas for study, work, and family reunification
Visa program for foreigners coming to Slovenia to study
Visa for foreigners who come to Slovenia to work
Visa, on the basis of which it is possible to obtain a residence permit for close relatives of people living in Slovenia officially

Immigration to Slovenia

A handy compilation of practical information

Imigrata Immigration Specialist
Visas to Slovenia:
Entry to Slovenia is open to Russians on a Schengen visa, currently all types of visas are issued. You can apply for a visa online at: https://visa.vfsglobal.com/rus/ru/svn/
The review takes from 15 to 30 days.

Transit conditions:
Transit is allowed without restrictions with a stay of no longer than 12 hours.

Slovenia has banned flights of Russian planes over its territory, flights from Russia have been canceled. You can get into the country through Turkey, the UAE or from other European countries.

Epidemiological situation:
  • Upon entry, you may be required (but not necessarily):
  • a certificate of vaccination (Sputnik V is suitable from the Russian ones);
  • a document confirming the transferred appearance within six months;
  • the negative result of the PCR test is not older than 48 hours.

The best cities to live in Slovenia

The top 5 best cities to live in Slovenia include:
Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, famous for its active cultural life, Baroque architecture and Art Nouveau style. A very green and comfortable city for living, which is home to about 300 thousand people, which is about 15% of the country's population;
Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, founded in 1254, and located in the center of the region of local vineyards. Nearby is the largest ski resort in the country - Maribor Pohorye;
Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia, known since the 1st century AD, under UNESCO protection, next to which is the most famous thermal resort of the country - Terme Ptuj;
Škofja Loka is a medieval town founded in 973, the main historical center of Slovenia, 25 km from Ljubljana;
Kranj is a cultural center of Slovenia with a 600-year history, located 20 km from the capital at the foot of the Julian Alps. A hospitable city with very tasty food from local farmers.

Pros and cons of moving to Slovenia

Pros of living in Slovenia:
  • Convenient location for traveling and doing business in the center of Europe;
  • Diverse nature and idyllic, peaceful landscapes;
  • Progressive scale of taxation - from 16 to 50%. Company income tax in Slovenia - 19%;
  • The reserved mentality of Slovenes, who, as a rule, behave quietly, avoid loud conversations and discussion of finances and family problems;
  • Programmers, IT specialists, psychologists and doctors can count on a fairly quick employment - there are not enough of these specialists in Slovenia;
  • Blurred social strata and almost complete absence of class stratification;
  • Security - Slovenia is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe in this sense;
  • High quality products and excellent environmental conditions.
Cons of living in Slovenia:
  • There are quite a few Russians living here and they are all scattered around the country, so there is no Russian diaspora as such;
  • It is almost impossible to "speed up" bureaucratic processes semi-legally (this is not a minus, but Russians should keep this circumstance in mind);
  • Salaries and pension payments are quite low relative to Europe;
  • Not too developed medicine;
  • It is difficult for a private person to purchase real estate.

Living in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country and the issue of real estate is quite acute, but it is realistic to find a place to rent, especially if you contact the appropriate agency - it is quite difficult to rent a house without knowing Slovenian yourself.

It is also worth considering several important points:
  • 99.9% of the lease agreement will be in Slovenian, it is not worth signing immediately, translate and study all the conditions - for example, the owners quite often include a clause about the need to notify the landlord 2-3 months before the expected departure date, and if this is not done or not done in the prescribed form, the deposit amount (usually equal to 1-2 months of rent fees) - not refundable;
  • a common practice is to paint the walls and tidy up the floor before leaving at the expense of the tenant (again, carefully read the contract and discuss all the embarrassing points and points that you are not ready to comply with);
  • it is advisable to find an apartment or a house with parking or a garage if you drive a car, and without this it is difficult in Slovenia;
  • do not forget to register at your place of residence - it is the date of registration at a specific address that will be considered the starting point of your legal stay in the country and will be taken into account in the subsequent registration of a residence permit or citizenship.

The cost of renting an apartment:
as in any other country, it depends on the place - the most expensive in the historical centers of cities and in the capital.

The cost of utilities:
depending on the number of residents, predilection for electric heaters in winter and other features, receipts for communal services, on average, range from 100 to 200 euros per month.

Housing prices vary depending on the region and start from 300 euros per month. Be sure to check the availability of the Internet, which is not always good in Slovenia, and in some homes may not be available at all.

Where to look for accommodation:

Medicine in Slovenia

Healthcare in Slovenia leaves much to be desired.
Compulsory medical insurance provides general or emergency services to residents of the country, everything that goes beyond the initial examination by a general practitioner must be paid additionally or purchased a voluntary medical insurance policy. This applies to dentistry, specialist consultations, hospitalization, etc. Complex equipment and clinical laboratories are not everywhere.

An additional health insurance policy, which is often paid by the employer if you come to Slovenia for employment, costs about 25-30 euros per month. You can also purchase it yourself.

Education in Slovenia

The educational system in Slovenia consists of four stages:
  • preschool education, where a child can stay from 11 months to 6 years - this stage is considered optional;
  • primary school, where children study for 8 years, 4 of which are with one teacher, and 4 more with different ones (approximately the same education is arranged in the Russian Federation);
  • secondary school, where teenagers study from 2.5 to 4 years, receiving secondary specialized vocational education or preparing for admission to university;
  • higher education according to the standard system: bachelor, master, etc.

The minimum possible basic level of education is 9 years. Tuition is free, but school lunches, excursions, textbooks and stationery are paid additionally.

Secondary special education in Slovenia lasts 2.5-3 years and leads to a profession, full education - 4 years, at the end of which students pass exams and, in case of successful certification, automatically enter the university. You can study at the state universities of Maribor, Ljubljana and Primorsky, at private universities, art academies or professional colleges.

Diplomas of Slovenian universities are recognized and quoted in European countries.

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