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Emigration to the USA. Description of USA visa programs. Questions and answers. Registration of documents. Opportunities to move to the USA.
The difficulty of moving
One of the most desirable countries for relocation and emigration
Quality of life/price ratio
Comfortable life inside one of the world's most developed economies
Comfortable climate
Temperate in the northern and central parts of the country, subtropical - in the south, in Florida and Hawaii - tropics, in Alaska - Arctic

USA Visa Programs

Immigration to USA

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Visas to the USA:
Entry into the country is open to foreigners, but only C1/D, F, M, P-1, and P-4 visas are processed at the US Embassy in Moscow. In other consulates on the territory of the Russian Federation, activities have been suspended. Russians can apply for an American visa at US embassies located in other countries.

Transit conditions:
A transit visa is mandatory, leaving the transit zone is strictly prohibited.

The airspace for aircraft from the Russian Federation is closed. You can get to the USA through the UAE, Turkey and from other European countries.

Epidemiological situation:
  • Entry to the USA is allowed with a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours, upon arrival at the airport you will need to do an additional PCR test;
  • A Johnson&Johnson, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer (or others recognized by WHO) vaccination certificate is also required

The best cities to live in the USA

The top 5 best cities to live in the USA include:
New York is the largest city in the USA, in which half the world dreams of settling, without exaggeration. Skyscrapers, museums, concerts - everything is right here, in the world capital and the most important financial, political, economic and cultural center;
Salt Lake City is a city that became famous thanks to the Winter Olympics, which has a low unemployment rate, several magnificent national parks and all the conditions for an active lifestyle and winter sports and a wide variety of tourism;
Des Moines is one of the most comfortable cities in the USA in terms of price/quality ratio with many boutiques, restaurants and cultural events. Many residents are employed in technology companies and the IT sector;
Boston is a huge, noisy, beautiful metropolis with many attractions, a rich cultural life and the center of robotics Boston Dynamics;
Seattle is quite expensive to live in, but very comfortable, albeit rainy, port city with lots of parks and beautiful nature. The unofficial name is "The City of the Queen" and it was here that the grunge style and the culture of coffee consumption originated.

Pros and cons of moving to the USA

Advantages of living in the USA:
A highly developed country and the largest economy in the world;
The annual green card drawing, on the basis of which anyone gets a chance to become a citizen of the United States officially and come to the country with his family;
Huge natural diversity with many unique natural areas and reserves;
A favorable environment for business creation, one of the most convenient countries for entrepreneurship;
Low unemployment and a strong labor market, in which both US citizens and emigrants from all over the world are perfectly integrated;
Developed democracy.Cons of living in the USA:
  • Sufficiently fluent possession and use of weapons;
  • A complex legal system and laws that are incomprehensible to non-citizens of the United States;
  • Expensive medicine, education and real estate;
  • High crime rate in many cities of the country;
  • Without personal vehicles, a comfortable life in the country is almost impossible;
  • Controversial labor legislation and the lack of a full-fledged social package.

Housing in the USA

Housing in America, housing is expensive.
  • Landlords are very likely to require a certificate of income from tenants to make sure of their solvency (an extract from the account to which wages are accrued or a certificate of the availability of funds in a bank account will be suitable. Also, a good credit history can be a guarantee of solvency - in case of its absence, the deposit for rental housing can be increased).
The cost of renting an apartment:
The average rental price in large metropolitan areas of the United States ranges from $ 2,000 to $ 6,000, depending on the number of rooms and territorial location. In cities with a smaller population, apartments are rented for $ 1,000 - $ 3,000 (for example, in Philadelphia, a one-bedroom apartment will cost about $ 2,000 per month). Please specify the speed of the Internet connection additionally.

The cost of utilities:
Utility bills - from $ 250 per month;
Rent a parking space - from $ 100;
Internet and TV - from $ 45.

Where to look for housing:

Medicine in the USA

The level of medicine in America is at the highest level, the latest technologies are available in all regions of the country, and highly qualified specialists work in medical institutions.

However, there is no free medicine as such in the USA, only vulnerable segments of the population are served free of charge: people with disabilities, pensioners, low-income citizens, children, etc. For full-fledged medical care, you need to pay an insurance policy monthly, the price of which varies from $ 250 to $ 500 per month. If you work officially, the employer will cover part of the insurance, but even if you have a policy, the doctor's appointment is not fully covered, so a trip to a specialist can cost $ 50-70. Almost all medicines are dispensed by prescription, but part of the cost of medicines will be covered by insurance.

Education in the USA

Studying from 5-8 to 16-18 years (depending on the state) is mandatory and consists of three stages:
  • Primary school - from 5 to 11-12 years;
  • Secondary school - up to 14 years;
  • High school - after graduating from high school, teenagers choose their own subjects to study and study from 1 to 3 years, depending on the chosen directionsй;
Higher education in the USA is considered one of the best in the world, it is obtained within 4-6 years at universities and colleges, and 57% of students are trained in a six-year bachelor's + master's degree program.

Diplomas of American universities are recognized all over the world.

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