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We all know how to google stuff online, how to find the right groups on facebook, and follow some popular instagramers on this subject, but moving to USA is not a home project that can be accomplished following youtube videos. If you are serious about moving, it's important to brush aside information noise and get professional advice from a seasoned immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer from USA.
Polina Ukhanova
IMIGRATA consultant and an immigrant

Hello! My name is Polina.

I have lived in four countries and traveled a lot around the world. Every time I moved to a new destination, I was faced with new rules of another immigration bureaucracy. And although I consider myself quite experienced in matters of visa processing and immigration formalities, I do not like to take risks of going through this procedure completely on my own.

A sea of ​​information online seemingly instills confidence but often costs you money, time and lots of frustration down the road. In 2016, I miraculously escaped being deported from Thailand after following the advice of “savvy travelers” from some Internet forums. And a few years earlier, my husband and I were denied a residence visa in Spain during our first application. We were confident that we've done everything by the book after spending days reading up information online and relying on our self-confidence and advice from different forums. Yes, we resubmitted and got approved the second time around, when we consulted with a specialist.

My colleagues and I hand-selected the most experienced immigration consultants who know USA's immigration law inside out, speak excellent English and will only recommend the best options for you and your family.

Moving to USA.
Consultation of an immigration specialist

Who would you trust when it comes to choosing a strategy for moving to a new country? That is a question that will change your life, your future, and the life of your family forever?

IMIGRATA offers you a personal consultation with our immigration consultant from USA. If this is your first consultation, we will assess your situation, opportunities, desires, financial situation and current migration laws. We will offer only those options that actually exist, that are legal, and fit you personally in all parameters. If you need more specialized advice on a narrow topic, such as tax law or a specific professional field, we will find the right specialist for you. After the consultation, all IMIGRATA clients get a detailed personal step-by-step plan based on the results of the conversation.

What's included in consultation on relocation to USA

Whether you've been reading a lot on the topic or just beginning your journey and do not know anything about resident programs in USA, our immigration specialists master all the nuances of relocation and legalization.
Getting an assessment
An immigration specialist analyzes your personal background and selects the best immigration strategy for you.
Comparing options
Our consultant reviews and compares all long-term visa programs and residence permits that fit your individual case.
Your personal strategy
A specialist helps you select the right immigration strategy and plan out a road map to residency for you and your family.

Immigration to USA.
We cover all the key topics.

In addition to general immigration questions, an immigration consultant is always ready to discuss specific issues:

  • Immigration on work visas for skilled and unskilled workers
  • Special programs for startups and digital nomads
  • Educational immigration and long-term student visas
  • Immigration by marriage, partnership and family reunification, including fiance (groom) visas, wife (husband) visas
  • Moving and obtaining a residence permit through investment programs and through the purchase of real estate
  • Immigration for political asylum
  • Residence permit through passive income visa
  • Registration of your business and opening bank accounts
  • The process of obtaining a residence permit upon arrival in the country
  • Registering with tax revenue administration and social security office
  • Obtaining citizenship
If your case requires specialized assistance of an immigration attorney, we will gladly refer you to our colleagues from the law firm in Lisbon.

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You will have a clear understanding of how to go about getting your residence in USA and a detailed roadmap to moving just after your first online consultation.

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