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USA. Family reunification visa

Family Reunification Program
The difficulty
from $ 2,500
Special feature
The assistance of an immigration lawyer is desirable

Summary of the USA Family reunification visa program

The program is intended for the closest relatives of a person officially residing in the United States.

Who is eligible for the USA Family reunification visa

  • Close relatives of people living in the United States officially on the basis of a green card:
  • Spouses (including those in same-sex marriages);
  • Children who are not officially married.
  • Close relatives of US citizens:
  • Spouses (including those in same-sex marriages);
  • Children of any age with any marital status;
  • Elderly parents;
  • Siblings in the case of at least one common parent.

USA Family reunification visa requirements

  • Valid international passport;
  • Documents confirming kinship with the host party;
  • Invitation of a relative living in the United States;
  • Evidence of the material well-being of the receiving party (a copy of the tax return, certificate of ownership of real estate, bank statements, etc. - the annual income of the applicant must be at least $ 30,000 per year).
Costs associated with a USA Family reunification visa
  • Application fee - $ 325
  • Fee for Form I-130 - 535$
  • The cost of work of immigration lawyers - from $ 2,500
Terms of obtaining a USA Family reunification visa
  • It depends on the status of the relative (children, spouses or other degree of kinship)..

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