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USA. P-1A visa

Program for athletes and their accompanying persons
The difficulty
from $ 5,000
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Summary of the USA P-1A visa program

A program for athletes and accompanying persons to participate in competitions and shows in the United States.

Who is eligible for the USA P-1A visa

  • Individual athletes or a sports team to participate in international level competitions or individual performances;
  • Accompanying athletes to specialists: coaches, medical workers, etc.;
  • Entertainers of the entertainment and sports genre with experience of international performances and recognition at the national and world level.

USA P-1A visa requirements

  • Valid international passport;
  • Application from the inviting party in the USA;
  • Completed Form I-129 for a visa.
  • For professional athletes, it is necessary to confirm:
  • Official work in a sports club, association or community of a foreign country;
  • Earnings from the applicant's sports activities are the main source of his income.
  • For non-professional amateur athletes, you will need:
  • The presence of distinctive signs confirming a high level of professionalism;
  • Membership in an amateur league without the right to receive remuneration under the NCAA program;
  • Members of the amateur association must be invited to perform at the competitions of the highest or first league.
Costs associated with a USA P-1A visa
  • Visa fee - $190
  • ​​The cost of work of emigration lawyers - from $ 5,000
  • It is possible to speed up the processing of a visa application up to 15 days for $1.225
Terms of obtaining a USA P-1A visa
  • From 3 to 6 months
  • The duration of the visa is set for the duration of the employment contract or the competition, but not more than five years.
  • A one-time extension of the visa under this program is possible for up to five years.Up to 4 months
  • You can stay in the USA for up to 4 months under this program.

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